Nikkos Zorbas
"Identify your desires and you will discover your power"

Nikkosystem is a proven system which works to help improve your personal, physical, mental and emotional potential. What we offer is a personal face to face coaching as well as tele-coaching.


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April 2, 2011 - Michael Losier Seminar


Discovering Your Personal Power (27 Articles of Inspiration)

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Nikk, what an awesome job you did on this music.  The words, the beat, the concept is so refreshing.  I love the title track and when I play it at my seminars everyone is up and dancing.  Your writing style is uplifting and certainly helps to raise vibrations for anyone.  I recommend this positive, uplifting CD to anyone who loves music, loves to dance with joy and sing along to inspiring messages. Congratulations!

Dream Big.
Michael Losier
Best Selling Author, Law of Attraction

Nikk Zorbas has created a unique, enticing, new sound in motivational music. His songs hypnotically lift you up to believe in yourself.

Judi Moreo
Author - You Are More Than Enough